Couture hats

This page is devoted to one of my passions! Couture hats - how together we design your own totally unique hat! Creating a piece that is really personal, a truly unique individual one off hat or headpiece for you is what I really enjoy about couture millinery. This is a very personal "bespoke" service where together we create your very own hat or headpiece.

I have created couture headpieces for every type of occasion including Mothers' of the Bride & principal wedding guests, race goes and owners, proud mums at christenings, fashionistas about town, for gentleman attending point to points & rugby matches, or for those just simply wanting to stroll though life wearing fashionable head gear. Throughout the process the client's input and contribution is what makes the finished couture hat so very personal.



The creation of a your own couture piece begins over a cup of coffee whilst we get to know each other a little and have a conversation to find a source of inspiration for the design of the piece - be it your outfit, the occasion or a current fashion trend, or simply all three! I will guide you to find a shape of headpiece that suits you and you feel comfortable wearing, and this then leads naturally through to more in depth details including styling, fabrics, finishes and trimmings.



Once together we have settled on the design, working to the timing of your occasion I will source the materials needed (your deposit will cover these expenses). Then the really exciting part starts in earnest as I begin to make your headpiece. This utilises the ancient skills of couture millinery, and so using the carefully selected couture fabrics, I craft a beautiful couture headpiece to your specific requirements, including your head size, colour, and design preference.

Of course I keep in touch through out the making period by phone or email & after the initial shape is made there is a normally another consultation over a cup of coffee, when together we re-confirm the trims & finishes we have chosen. After the last & final fitting we check the head fitting (this is also when the balance is payable) and the excitement really begins as you take delivery of your gorgeous headpiece. I have included some after care tips on the "Millinery wear & care" page.


Here we see two of my lovely clients Ann & Gina, both wearing couture headpieces. Ann's dramatic sinamay saucer style piece has wired and beaded tulips, and Gina's headpiece has over 150 hand cut ombre feathers with Swarovski beaded stamens!

Please do give me a call on 07903 303539, email at or use the contact page at the end of my website to start planning how together we design your own totally unique hat!