Latest workshop dates

Workshops have been creating lots of interest and I enjoy teaching a variety of techniques and skills. It's great being able to help someone make their very own hat, especially the first time milliner - it can be a really uplifting and exciting experience! So I am delighted to announce details of the next winter millinery workshop currently planned for Autumn 2018.

Just so you can see the sort of fun we get up to during the workshops, here are some images from a recent workshop where Erica and I are admiring our almost finished headpieces, just before we stopped for a last reviving cup of tea!














And as you can see from her expression you can see Lisa was delighted too - she had never made a hat before!















Of course for everyone the way to acquire new millinery skills is by attending workshops and learning new skills taught by milliners who have different technical skills. For this reason participating in workshops & teaching millinery is terribly important to all milliners, and I am no exception!

As a milliner I continue to acquire new skills & techniques through participating in regular master classes. Here I am in France with Australian milliner Carole Maher & English milliner Tracy Chaplin, where as you might guess, I learnt lots of new techniques including feather work.

When I return home I am always bursting with new enthusiasm for the latest techniques and they need practice! So I when came home from France I made a vintage rose feather headpiece, using similar techniques.  

Through practice you develop your own twist on the techniques and reinterpret them, making them truly individual and personal. I enjoy teaching classic millinery techniques to willing and interested students, when I run workshops at my studio, normally in central Newcastle or a local gallery.

Here are a few more images from some recent workshops. Please get in touch if you are interested in learning about millinery, basic sewing skills are very useful.  Just drop me an email or use the contact page at the end of my website to get in touch and enquire to book a millinery workshop so you and your friends can make your own fascinator or headpiece to wear to the races or at your next special event!

I really look forward to hearing from you. 







*Image courtesy of Jeannie Clark