Millinery wear & care

Millinery wear & care or how to love your hat! What I really enjoy about couture millinery is creating an individual one off hat or headpiece, especially for you. This is a very personal "bespoke" service where together we create your very own hat or headpiece. I have talked about this more on the " Couture hats - design your own totally unique hat" page.

Once we have completed the inspiration & design process, I begin to make your headpiece. This utilises the ancient skills of couture millinery, and so using carefully selected couture fabrics, trims & finishes, I craft a beautiful couture headpiece to your specific requirements, including your head size, colour, and design preference. This is what's known as bespoke millinery.

After the final fitting the excitement really begins as you take delivery of your gorgeous headpiece. Once you have your piece at home to help you look after it carefully, so you can wear it with enjoyment many times over, I have made a note of a few pointers to help you with its care.

 - Please handle your headpiece with care as it is fragile - take care especially when removing from the packaging.

- During our last fitting appointment I will have shown you how to position your hat, so when putting your head piece on please position it carefully. The label is positioned to the back of the hat and then the hat is securely positioned dressing your hair to suit - this is especially important if your piece is attached using traditional hat elastic. Remember do not spray your hat with hair spray, you will damage it permanently. 

- I use carefully selected couture fabrics & finishes in my headpieces and these fabrics will not withstand hair spray or perfume; nor is your hat washable, suitable for wearing in moist/rainy conditions, or fire resistant.

- If your hat is made from felt I will show you how with a light clothes brush brushing it - in the direction of the pile after wearing - will keep your wool felt looking pristine.

- And finally, after wearing your headpiece please ensure it is completely dry, then store it carefully, wrap it in acid free tissue paper and place it into a suitably sized hat box, not forgetting to support any delicate edges, so it is ready its next outing! 

I do hope you enjoy wearing your new couture head piece, as much as I did creating it, and thank you so much for letting me in on a little of the excitement of your special occasion! If you have any more queries please drop me email at or use the contact page at the end of my website to get in touch! 

Thank you for looking after your headpiece.


Images from the top of the page - 

Emily - a cerise silk panelled vintage beret with wired embroidered lime & cerise feathers; Erica is a delicate duck blue wired sinamay headpiece finished with blue/black passion flowers and veiling; detail of York, a black sinamay saucer and silver goose nagiore feather flower, diamante centre, the underside of the saucer is trimmed with silver crinoline and peacock hurl; Dorothy Gray, early 20 century style fur felt cloche, with cockade detail and veiling. POA